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Spring Is Here!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Spring is here and it's time to check your hives! Before the next flow, make sure that your queen is still laying eggs and that there are no patches in her lay pattern...spotty brood patches will indicate either an old or sick queen. Check and make sure that the hive has enough resources so that honey production can be accelerated. You don't want to spend these critical months nursing your hives back to health and have them miss the coming flows. Consider giving your hives pollen patties (a.k.a. bee protein) and sugar water so that the health of the hive is maximized. Still keep an eat out for pests...hives beetles will be especially bad right now. If your already experiencing this problem, throw some salt around the base of your hive and consider placing traps inside. Remember to be cognizant of the weather too...don't be alarmed if the bees begin to beard the hive, that's totally normal. Good luck!

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